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This web site is the genealogy of the Holmberg family of Cleveland, Ohio. There were six children of Leo Pekka Holmberg and Esther Simila Holmberg...above, from left to right in the first row Bruce, Brian and Marsha, and in the back row from left to right Deborah, Dale, and Leo.

Our heritage is 100% Finnish, as all our grandparents were born in Finland.

If you click on the "Leo Pekka Holmberg" link above you will get our paternal family tree, and if you click on the "Esther Simila Holmberg" link you will get our maternal family tree.

The photo to the left is our maternal Grandfather Gust(Kusti) Simila taken sometime in the early 1920's in Makinen Minnesota. He is shown with the Finnish musical instrument the kantele. This photo was sent to me by Bonnie Miller, whose grandparents were neighbors of the Simila's in Makinen.

Later in 1938, after the family had moved back to Mohawk Michigan, Gust was recorded by the American Folklorist Alan Lomax. These recordings are on Gust's page.

This photo has been enhanced and colorized by the software at Myheritage.com.

This site is based on a very interesting and powerful commercial family tree/genealogy web application called TNG (see the page footer) that I found in June, 2014. It organizes data very differently from the way I organized my older web site....actually my old site didn't organize data at all!

You can browse among any and all of the over 400 people in my family tree database, and generate "dynamic" family trees - reports that are created as you ask for them. This site also presents photos, notes,, and data sources that were missing from my original site, and has better security, based on users' personal userids and private passwords, which are unknown even to me.

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